Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

A simple way to learn about cryptocurrency

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 22, 2019

This 26 page in-depth beginners guide gives you the most up-to-date information about cryptocurrency, it's history and how to get involved.

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    Biased marketing materials.

    I doubt the 400+ upvotes are genuine. For example the section 'How to Buy Cryptocurrency' does not even cover various methods. It directly promotes the alternative way of getting crypto through the 'Skraps' app. Get outa here. Your disgusting the efforts off startups actually working on Web3 advancements. This type of product does not belong here. (just my opinion).

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    This was a way to shill their ICO out the back


    The entire thing was cheap information that's clearly been plagiarised from all over the internet.

    Clearly not a genuine set of Upvotes.

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Adding this to my list of crypto resources. is also extremely useful for other beginners.
@gamblers_united Thanks! Appreciate the support!
My buddy @kal_mokhtar launched this guide on cryptocurrency which goes over a lot of the basics. :) He'll be launching some other resources in the future for the crypto space at large.
@datarade Thanks Kumar!
I love it!
@voqx_d Thanks for the support!
Congratulations on launching this useful guide, @datarade @kal_mokhtar Question: My clients talk about "crypto-assets", which term encompasses more than currencies (currencies being a subset). Might you consider amending your ebook by (1) adding a chapter or two that addresses the larger set (assets) and then (2) retitling your book accordingly, something like, "A beginners guide to crypto-assets" ?
@datarade @voqx_d @gamblers_united @linda @esinger Thanks Emma. We'll definitely be releasing more material and will be sure to include your suggestions!
The concept of cryptocurrency has been explained in such details. As a reader, it had all my doubts and concepts cleared with so much ease. With cryptocurrency being the game changer in the market there are so many people who want to invest but are unable to due to either lack of knowledge or too much noise present. I really liked the idea of micro-investment and rightly said it is a super effective way to gain maximum with the minimum risk. Thank you @kal_mokhtar