Photo Editing and Graphic Design Made For Everyone


BeFunky is a browser based photo editing and graphic design solution created to be powerful and easy to use. Say good bye to expensive, complicated software!

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John R. Sowash
Anna Aufill
  • John R. Sowash
    John R. SowashFreelancer

    Fun photo editing tool


    Too many "upgrade now" prompts

    Be funky is an fun tool for adding effects and silly elements to photos. Surprisingly, there aren't many options in this space.

    BeFunky is a freemium product, which is totally fine, however the constant prompts to upgrade to a premium plan is annoying.

    John R. Sowash has used this product for one week.
  • Anna Aufill
    Anna AufillCo-creator of

    Easy web-based photo editing tool w/ convenient formatting for the various social media platforms. Love you can import your own font to use!


    Nothing to say!

    It's a great website that I will continue to use :) I've been using the free service but sometime I may pay to get more upgrades and extra features.

    Anna Aufill has used this product for one year.