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BeFunky is a browser based photo editing and graphic design solution created to be powerful and easy to use. Say good bye to expensive, complicated software!

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I just spent my entire morning funky'ing up my photos. There are a lot of effects, frames, etc. that are completely free and the upgrade is super cheap. There's also a mobile app. And I went a little crazy:
@v4violetta you've got to try our Cartoonizer! You'll love it :)
Discount link for Product Hunters is set up! Take advantage of a FREE Plus account for 1 year. If you already have a BeFunky account just click the link below and sign in normally. If you don't have an account, click the link below then select the sign up option.
Okay this was really fun. I can see how one would get lost on this all day. Clearly this is why I don't wear makeup.
@imcatnoone LOL! Brilliant. And don't get me started on overlays...
@imcatnoone maybe she's born with... maybe it's BeFunky :)
I'm the Product Manager at BeFunky, thank you for featuring us @v4violeta! We spent the last 6 months working really hard on our web product. The photo editing marketplace is extremely saturated right now and we figured the only way we'd stand out is with an innovative design. We focused on clearing the tools off the canvas so the focus is on your photo through the entire editing process. All of our photo effects are unique to BeFunky thanks to our patented 'Art Engine', we've taken special pride in the creation of our Cartoonizer. Our goal is to create tools that will turn your photos into something more than your camera can capture. Since this is a total surprise, give me a few minutes to set up a discount code for Product Hunters, till then AMA!
It's Easy to use and has pretty good effects. All Awesome features packed in one app! Added to my collection “Picture Perfect”
@divjpatel nice collection, Divyansh! Just added to our Featured Collections page.
@divjpatel All of our effects are one of a kind, we patented our effect creating 'Art Engine' as well as a few of our really complex effects like the Cartoonizer. Thanks for checking us out!