Before Elixir

A tonic to prevent flushing during alcohol consumption

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Totally thought this delayed the time it took for you to 'break the seal' when drinking. Not for me but cool idea.
What's up Product Hunt! It's awesome to be here. I'm the creator of Before Elixir, a drink that prevents flushing caused by alcohol consumption. This problem affects 70% of Asian people around the world as well as 15% of the non-Asian population. It's a global pandemic! People who have this problem metabolize alcohol too quickly. Before Elixir works by slowing down the rate of alcohol metabolism and the production of a toxin in the liver that causes flushing, headaches, nausea among other symptoms. It's natural, full of vitamins and amino acids, safe, and effective. I welcome any questions you have. In case you want to see it in action:
I have several Asian friends that complain about red flushing from alcohol. @jendu - scientifically, how does this work and will it work for everyone?
@rrhoover Great question Ryan, people who have this problem have a variant of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. This causes them to metabolize alcohol way too fast, up to 100x faster than the average person. Before Elixir has B vitamins, amino acids, and natural extracts in it that: 1. Slow down alcohol metabolism 2. Buffer the liver from alcohol.
@rrhoover @jendu I'm one of the lucky asians that don't turn red ever. But I must ask - is there nothing like this already? I also heard you can take Pepcid AC to have the same result.
@rrhoover @johnnyquachy, I'm jealous! Gimme your genes! I get that question a lot. I equate it to taking ibuprofen just because it makes your skin look good. While it might work, that doesn't mean it's good for you. Before Elixir is designed to solve this problem while Pepcid AC is not. Plus it's natural and good for you while Pepcid is a medicine to fight heartburn. If you don't have heartburn, it's probably not a good idea to take that every time you drink. Plus, I started this idea during a Lean Startup Machine workshop. I originally had a pill in mind, but during my customer testing and validation I asked hundreds of people who had this problem what their ideal solution was. I learned people didn't like pills. They wanted something natural and safe. So that has been a big factor in developing Before Elixir. And my idea ended up winning that Lean Startup Workshop :}
@rrhoover @johnnyquachy @jendu Hey Jen, curious on the psych behind the pill vs. liquid? They associated safe with a liquid vs. a pill? Interesting given the amount of bad stuff in energy drinks these days.
@rrhoover @johnnyquachy @mzuvella Howdy Matt, I'm no psych expert but I think people felt strange about taking pills in secret in a social context. A drink is social, something you can do with your friends. Pepcid or pills don't really foster that camaraderie.
Hey PH community! I wanted to update you that we just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for production and improving our formula. I'm really proud of the video and our story so at least check that out and contribute if you'd like to! We need all the support we can get :)
I wasn't even aware of this condition. Fascinating. Is there a limit to the amount you can drink before the side-effects happen anyway?
@_jamesmundy Sounds weird doesn't it? But it is very real! It affects 70% of Asians around the world. It depends on how severe your symptoms are but we recommend drinking Before Elixir 30 minutes before you consume alcohol and if you want a longer night out :) with every 3rd drink. For people who get sick when they drink alcohol, following these instructions will prevent those symptoms, though they might still turn a little pink. But wayyy better than a headache and feeling sick.