Super minimalistic to-do app

Beezee allows you to:

— add and schedule your to-dos

— delete them by swiping right or left

— change the order of your to-dos

And of course, it has dark mode. No ads, or any other unnecessary distractions.

Beezee is based on the open source app called Minimal:

Beezee is licensed under the MIT License

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You should definitely update the device in your screenshots! I thought I was looking at an old app, not a new one.
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With everything moving so fast in today's world, people need simple solutions, and this app is one simple yet effective solution!
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I upvote this as the minimalist! Pity I use Iphone ;)
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Hey @markvosmann, What's your favorite aspect of this app?
@jacqvon Umm... Its simplicity, I guess.
Hey @markvosman can you tell me why ppl would use beezee over established brands such as Todoist?
@johndesk27 You see, the thing is that I'm not even trying to build a product that would compete with Todoist. I've just built a little app mostly for myself and thought that maybe it would be useful for some other people. In fact, I think that most people would actually prefer Todoist over my app. And that's totally fine with me. I'm not trying to win over millions of Todoist users. Anyway, hundreds of people are already using my app and, judging by their reviews, I can tell that they are happy with the app. And that's enough for me. Cheers!
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