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Are you looking for a tournament nearby? BeeVoo is the sports events manager you were looking for. Join our community and have fun playing, meeting new friends.
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Great idea! I like it a lot. I am a big football fan and think this app can be quite helpful
@silvia_brook thank you Silvia! We have just updated the app, enter it and start creating your teams ;)
Fantastic! I am a football fan too and visit matches practically every Sunday. I do believe this app can be rather curious to use. I used to bet through for fun and never thought it can be so profitable either. Now I want my hobby step on the next level
@zigmound_frauid thank you zigmound! We have just updated our app, spread the word and if you want to create your tournament just drop us an email ;)
In short words, we are 3 people who have always practiced sports at semi-professional and amateur levels. In this context, we realized that the tournament registration process could be improved and this is our proposal. Help us improve our solution and spread the word! Feel free to ask us anything about BeeVoo!