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Looks interesting, just gave you a vote! I think we can parter with our AI-startup for digital mrketing SendPulse to get our customers access to the templates, or just for inspiration. What do you think? Please ping me at em@sendpulse.com to talk about it
Love this, great idea.
Cool idea. I'm having trouble finding email for major us brands, but I assume more brands will come in time. How will you handle topic/industry searching like Really Good Emails does? A search for ecommerce now only pulls up emails from a company called ecommerce.
@brandononearth Hi Brandon. We did begin to manually segment our emails into industries and categories, but as volume increased it just became impossible. Something that's under development at the moment to (hopefully) help us get round this problem is a Naive Bayes classifier. We're currently in the testing phase and are collating our training sets for our chosen categories, so it shouldn't be too much longer in the making.
@brandononearth Oh and regarding the brands we're currently featuring, we are based in the UK so we primarily have UK brands at the moment, but we're adding more sites every day (Check out our blog to see how we're doing that - http://blog.beetle.email/post/14...). You are also able to suggest a site for us to add via the logged in portion of the site if there's a brand in particular you would like to see. I hope this helps!
This is pretty cool. I was wondering about what the pricing structure may end up being out of beta? Anyone know of any comparables?
@jenleeny they end up free (cfr Mailchimp's and CustomerIO's efforts in this exact same space)
@orliesaurus @jenleeny Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I'm Chris, creator of Beetle. With regards to the pricing, that is something we are yet to make a final decision on in all honesty. We have concluded that at some point we will be offering it as a Freemium service, i.e. offering a lite version for free and more advanced features for a monthly fee. We will circulate an email when we start to make more progress in this area or check out our blog (http://blog.beetle.email) for more regular updates. For now though we're just after feedback from our users. @orliesaurus I'm not aware of offerings from either of those companies that are in our exact space. I know of Mailchimp's "Look What You Can Do" micro-site, but I'm not sure it's comparable. Again though, we are eager to hear any feedback you can offer us, and we're always on the lookout for competition. If you like we can give you a call and run you through some of the features that differentiate us from Mailchimp's version?
@chriftc (hi @orliesaurus !) @jenleeny Yes Beetle looks closer to eDataSource and Return Path in my opinion, at least for the market analytics part. But way less expensive, as those ones are very exclusive and often reserved to big players. It may satisfy a lot of SME's also with the cool email marketing monitoring feature. If you could stand on decent pricings you will probably fill a gap here and be successful guys. Good luck!
@maximurien (salut!!!) @chriftc I think there have been a few sites that were archives of best newsletters/ marketing emails... @jenleeny
This just added a ton of value to our marketing efforts. Being able to see what's already been done so we don't duplicate what we think is a new idea and being able to see what's currently being done so we can be unique... wow. Awesome work!
@lee_peterson Thanks Lee, that means a lot! Let us know if there's anything we can help you with!