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Looks interesting, just gave you a vote! I think we can parter with our AI-startup for digital mrketing SendPulse to get our customers access to the templates, or just for inspiration. What do you think? Please ping me at em@sendpulse.com to talk about it
Thomas Evans
@td_evans · COO, EmailOctopus
Love this, great idea.
Brandon Hyman
@brandononearth · UX Designer, Hulu
Cool idea. I'm having trouble finding email for major us brands, but I assume more brands will come in time. How will you handle topic/industry searching like Really Good Emails does? A search for ecommerce now only pulls up emails from a company called ecommerce.
Jen Lee
@jenleeny · CEO @ Cartful.co || Princeton University
This is pretty cool. I was wondering about what the pricing structure may end up being out of beta? Anyone know of any comparables?
Lee Peterson
@lee_peterson · UI/UX Designer/Developer @rustydogdesign
This just added a ton of value to our marketing efforts. Being able to see what's already been done so we don't duplicate what we think is a new idea and being able to see what's currently being done so we can be unique... wow. Awesome work!