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Beep - Friends Messenger is a fully loaded chat app for the younger generation that allows you to add creativity and fun to your voice messages. Don't know what to say? Or just want to be more entertaining? Throw a short audio bite from your favorite celebrity or social influencer to spice your voice messages up.


Major key alert!


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I'm looking forward to everyones feedback and I'll be on this thread all day. Check out the @rrhover sound pack on Beep that we made for product hunters :)
@justinspraggins can't, sorry. i'm with the 70%+ of the world with the other OS. 2018 already.
@alvimgui there are good reasons to prioritize one platform (iOS or Android) first, especially when you're not sure if the app will work. I hear your frustration though.
The other day @justinspraggins asked if it's OK if they include sound bites from me in the app. I haven't heard them yet. 😳 Downloading now!
Sounds promising (couldn't resist the pun 😜).Suggest having some samples (perhaps @rrhoover 's sound bite)onthe landing page so that one can appreciate what you are doing without downloading the app.
what happened to this app?
@damjanski hi! did ya get a chance to check out beep yet?