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We're doing a Thanksgiving-themed PH exclusive. For every point on PH, we will give away 5 copies of BeeLine Reader to public school or special education students. #givingtuesday
@rrhoover, BeeLine Reader isn't just about speed—it also increases reading ease and accessibility. For example, people who read on the subway prefer using BeeLine Reader because it makes it easier to track the lines while in motion. This does have an effect on speed, but it's also about making the reading experience more enjoyable. On the accessibility side, BeeLine Reader has a large following among people with educators and students with dyslexia, ADD, and vision impairments (for different reasons, of course). So while BeeLine Reader does allow the reader to read faster, it's not the only benefit. [edit:] Also, BeeLine Reader is unlike some other tools in that it doesn't force you to read all sentences at the same speed—you can read important/difficult sentences more slowly or more than once. Relatedly, research from UCSD shows that the inability to look back at previous words (an attribute of some speed readers) has "drastic negative consequences" for comprehension. ( With BeeLine Reader, you can look back as much as with conventional reading.
@nicklum oh, nice. I didn't realize that. Thanks for clarifying, Nick.
@rrhoover btw I heard there's a way to make a special offer to PH users—how do I do this?
@nicklum feel free to add something in the comments. Exclusives are typically setup before hand (via with a few partners that create landing pages introducing the offer.
@nicklum @rrhoover You should talk to Matthew Schenps at Harvard Grad School of Education about this. He gave a talk a the Learning and the Brain Conference in Boston last week about the benefits of shorter line lengths for dyslectic readers. Interestingly, the things that help dyslexics hurt "normal" readers, so there is no magic bullet...
@akosner @rrhoover the wheels are already in motion with Dr. Schneps—expect results from the study on BeeLine and dyslexia next year!
If @kane recommends it, I'm sold! I've been looking for the right speed reading app especially for my ever-growing Pocket list (when they add Pocket to the resource list).
I'm curious to hear from people that regularly use speed reading apps. There have been quite a few posted in the past (Spritz Bookmarklet, Squirt, Velocity).
@rrhoover cc'ing creator @nicklum!
@rrhoover personally, I didn't like Velocity since it makes it hard to adjust speed or see context around words; I personally like BeeLine (posted there extension a while ago) since it gives you the traditional article "view" with visual hacks to increase speed.
So excited to see this! I've stopped using speed-reading apps because I always found reading with them tedious. Beeline is like augmented reality if speed-reading is AI. Just enough magic to make reading easier. Only wish it didn't reformat pages completely—makes it impossible to use web-annotation tools like Diigo with it.