Invoicing made easy for small businesses

BeeBills is an invoicing system focused to make the invoicing process easy and as automated as it could possibly be with BeeBills doing much of the work for you.

Reminds me of the well known ?
@lukasv Except BillBee is a bee that carries bills around and BeeBills are bills with bees on them ;) No, but seriously, yeah, we loved the BeeBills name, both for how well it resonates and rolls of your tounge. But also, i think it's awesome how you can play around with the Bee concept of it. And i believe we are taking the whole bee thing a bit further than, for both good and bad :)
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thank you very much. Let me know your thoughts :)
Super, I'm really curious about your product. How do you differentiate yourself from And.Co? Do you support advance language customizations?
@emmanuel_b_lepage Hei Emmanuel, thank you very much for your kind words. And.Co is a very good software, it's functional and very well integrated with a lot of other systems with sets it apart from it's competitors. But what we want to do with BeeBills is create a system that is so easy to use and practical that even your grandpa could use it. BeeBills is not a system suitable for businesses with thousands of invoices a month; actually i would recommend using for your needs if that is the case. But with BeeBills you get constantly reminded on every step of an invoicing process and it allows you to set up an automated invoicing / reminders process that's very specific according to what you need. So you basically set it up and BeeBills does the work for you, it can even follow through all the way, sending your invoice automatically to a debt collection agency if it is not paid at a certain time if you want to. There is also a visual helper when creating the invoice so that you are sure the invoice looks exactly as you want it to when you have created it. So if you have less than 20 invoices a month, not much time to use in setting up and following up your unpaid invoice and you are not a technical wizard, BeeBills is definitely a good choice of program. Hope that was a good answer to your question? Right now, we only fully support language customization for English and Norwegian but we have all currencies and please, feel free to come up with a request for a language and we will do our best to make it available.
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