Bed and Biscuits

Airbnb for pet sitting. Search for a pet sitter near you 🐶

We're Bed and Biscuits. An online community connecting pet owners with pet sitters and dog walkers in their neighborhood.

We're here to provide pet owners everywhere with an easy and wallet-friendly alternative for finding a verified pet sitter in their neighborhood while they're away.

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I dig* the name. *Yes, that was a terrible pun.
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@colinlmoncton what makes this different from the other pet sitter apps out there?
@amrith Thanks for asking. We're another option for pet owners looking for a pet sitter, and our goal is to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for pet owners and sitters to connect. We give more money back to our pet sitter community by taking a smaller commission (15%) than other platforms. We also don't charge pet owners any fees for booking, unlike other platforms who charge up to 7% of the total cost of their pet's stay.
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Awesome! I hope your platform will get to the right audience. Valuable overnight stays are so hard to find, at least for us.
@webyourmind Thanks! We had the same problem as dog owners ourselves. With, we've been able to see first hand how many amazing, experienced pet sitters there are out there that provide great individual pet care. Having an alternative to the kennel is great for both pets and pet owners!
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Is this available in India, specifically Hyderabad? The city doesn't have good options.
Hi @priyankajoshi79 , While our platform is open and operational in all countries, at the moment our concentration is on growing our US market. We have seen interest from countries abroad and, if possible, will look at growing internationally in the future! Our goal is to help pets everywhere find a comfortable and caring place to stay while their humans are away.
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