Beatwave 3

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Beatwave gives you a studio on your iPhone & iPad to create amazing music easily.

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What's new in this update?
@aaronoleary Heaps ! · Completely new UI designed for all latest devices and iOS 12. · Mix and match loops with the new grid layout for better music exploration. · Live FX pad for expressive performance. · New rhythm keyboard and drum pad for easy and fun music making. · Expanded grid provides up to 5 octaves of notes. · Auto chords for chord progressions without any music theory. · New free and pro sounds. · Plus of course plenty of other smaller tweaks and optimisations.
@aaronoleary @djfumberger Hey I came here a little late, but I use Beatwave daily and I wanted to say that the update is really great. Im just missing 1 functionality that you where able to use before: adding new FX to each sound (what appears now in the Tweaks area). Are you planning on adding that in the future again? PS: I would really love to help in anything you need btw, your app changed the way I confronted music, for good.
Hello, David! I liked Beatwave an year ago, but after I started making music better I started to use Auxy (mobile app) and Logic Pro X. I was waiting a long time for an update and now I even want to buy Beatwave Pro, but I don’t have previews of pro packs, I don’t have an ,,export song” button and that really disappoints. And it’s kinda funny that it looks the same way as I imagined Ableton Live mobile app to look. But i like the design so much and the feature to make your own instrument is AMAZING!!!!, but now I’m waiting for another update to fix all these annoyances. And it would be great if you have a little sail and if drop the price a bit (from 9.99$ to 7.99$) for first buyers. UPD: please add export midi option!!! (sorry for my bad English, it’s not my mother tongue) Best regards, Artemiy.
HOLY KOW! I've been hoping for an update to BeatWave for years. This is amazing. Thank you so much!