Beatport Pro for Mac

Buy and organize all your music. For DJs, by DJs.

Hadn't realized software like this existed — seems very useful for the DJ community, considering how read-only most streaming services are (i.e. Spotify, Rdio, etc).
@chrismessina as a dj I knew the website, is the main source for digital release for electronic music, this new OS X looks cool!
@chrismessina These guys have been around since.... 2004 - 2005? Great to see that they're still killing it. I think what used to be a niche is now quickly growing into more mainstream music category, good for them!
Beatport Pro is great for doing the one thing a lot of DJs hate: Organizing massive amounts of music. Because Beatport has access to their own huge EDM catalogue, they can then cross check tags, titles, artists, genres, etc and clean up your library. (Honestly expect iTunes to implement something like this in the future.) Make sure to watch the intro videos by Ean Golden to get a jump start on the app! Side-note: Apps that organize and rename songs are great, but a lot of DJs are downloading songs from other indie artists and DJs through Soundcloud and other services. These songs lack proper titles and album art and even their own artist names. This makes renaming and tagging them a little difficult on a large scale. How could a problem like this be resolved? Should DJs learn to properly tag their songs? Could there be a small and lightweight app that helps artists quickly tag their music?
@gregbarbosa this was one of the goals of our app, was to provide them with the proper way to tag their audio libraries, with specific new ID3 frames for the tags they have been using for years Thanks for the positive thoughts and feedback on the app!
Beatport has always been in the lead on DJ and EDM releases and tools. One reason they were acquired by SFX back in 2013.
This is fantastic. I've tried to organize my dj collection in the past with a few things and always landed on iTunes; this is WORLDS better. Nice clean focus on common organization tasks that are unique to this kind of music collection.