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The Beatport mobile app is an extension of the recently relaunched Beatport web experience that allows fans to discover and stream a hand-picked library of electronic music songs as well find electronic shows in their city with our Shows functionality.
@richziade No idea why I'm just discovering this now. Also amazed that we can stream the whole track instead of just a snippet, which is what the experience is like on Beatport's website. I've gotten in the habit of listening to the snippet and then looking on either Soundcloud or Youtube for the full track. Then going back to Beatport to either add or remove from cart based on what I heard from the full track. Get's tiresome especially when digging through tons of music.
What happen to this app?
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Loving it already. Great user onboarding experience, and the app is packed with content, but doesn't let that content overwhelm the user. This will probably become my go to EDM app next to Soundcloud. So much new music on here from artists I have yet to hear from. @richziade with all this free streaming, is there anyway that I could directly compensate the Beatport artist from within the application (ex: purchasing the song, etc.)?
@gregbarbosa Thanks for downloading and giving your feedback Greg! There is the ability to purchase high quality digital versions of much of the library on Android devices. When you are listening to a track on the Android version of the app, click the info icon and you will see a button that takes you to the purchasable version of that track on our Beatport Pro store.