The easiest way to animate your designs

Make your content stand out using a novel approach to animations: “Look Ma, no timeline!”. Export different sizes and formats to engage your audience anywhere.

Create unique and authentic animations combining an ever-growing list of powerful effects.

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Hi hunters! I’m Christian and I am one of the makers of BeatFlyer. The product is the result of a quest for animating things like events flyers and album covers using the music itself. You can also create animations without music, for instance like animated GIFs. Lot of surprising features are in the pipeline but it would still be great to get your valuable feedback. Please shoot if you have question!
This is one of the most exciting things I've used in a LONG time. I was getting ready to request a BPM feature, but the platform does it perfectly already. I appreciate the ability to customize how the effects trigger based on different audio frequencies as well - was pleasantly surprised by that level of customization. Haven't been blown away by something in a while. Totally honest feedback. I'm already sharing this to my group of DJs and promoters. Essential tool. Damn, son!
@jessicaelle thank you so much, especially for spreading it! 🙌 Producers like Todd Terry, Robbie Rivera and Junior Sanchez are already using it 😉

Everyone could learn this tool and after a bit of usage you can appreciate all the options and achieve extraordinary results.


It's very cool and you can create results only skilled professional can do.


It can look a bit intimidating giving all the options available

Hey @nuthinking Looks awesome! What's the pricing structure going to be like?
@tom26454633 If you don't want watermark and you want to use any format size, here the pricing:
Well done! The splitting feature is brilliantly simple. Any plans for a mobile app?
@bringmedabir Ssh... 🤫! Subscribe to the newsletter on the website for news 😉