Bean 3D Printer

A high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin printer

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Bumped into this on Kickstarter last night - haven't seen a resin printer before like this, and they raised almost 1000% of their goal in 3 days, which is pretty cool. Curious to see if there are any alternatives to this one can purchase today (as opposed to waiting for them to deliver next January.
@nickabouzeid I'm apprehensive when it comes to Kickstarters for 3D printers such as this one that require proprietary resin cartridges. What are you going to do for resin when they go out of business? Monoprice has shown off their own budget SLA printer, but they haven't announced a price (rumored to be $399 USD). It'll be open resin compatible and they'll be selling their own line of resin that will be competitively priced. I saw a report that it was supposed to go on sale back in April, but I don't see a listing on their website for purchase.
@vinhhh That might be another good option - do you know of resin printer companies that have gone out of business who have open-sourced their cartridges? I'm new to this whole sector.
@nickabouzeid I don't know of any off the top of my head, but it seems like a new 3d printer is released on Kickstarter every month only to never be heard from again. I'm more familiar with reprap printers and can recommend the Monoprice Select Mini V2 if you want an inexpensive starter printer, or the Prusa i3 Mk 2 if you can spend a little bit more.
@vinhhh Many SLA printers, not much in the budget category yet. A solid overview:
sooo cool
I like this a lot, and the results look great. But one question - do I need a mould for the resin to take shape? I.e. I can't just send a CAD design and it prints it, there has to be a physical mould?
@will_bodansky No mould. The object is created by light (or laser light) acting on the resin and changing its physical properties. The design file / pattern directs the light.