Phone 2.0 app that texts everything you speak!

When a friend tells you an address on the phone, you say “text it to me”. Not anymore! With Beam you "click" on it as if it was texted.

BeamCall is a new type of messaging+call technology where both happen simultaneously, in real-time. What’s spoken can be read, and what’s typed can be heard. Phone 2.0 where everything is truly unified.

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Hello Hunters 👏 ! We are glad to finally announce BeamCall – the first Multiformat Communications app that will simplify your life. Everything said is now accessible in text, right from your device. A colleague tells you someones name? You don’t have to write it down, it simply appears as a message. On top of this, audio+text are synchronized, so you can navigate a call that happened months ago by simply clicking on any word in text, and hearing the playback of audio from that precise moment. Think of the possibilities! There are countless advantages to this technology over standard means, that you can learn about by visiting the site. Imagine having group calls appear as simple group chats, or speaking to your friend who’s in a meeting who can only reply by text. Running text search on anything you may have forgotten. We built this tool to help people focus on the conversation, without the burden of having to take notes or remember the less important details. At last, computers are here to help!
Looking on your website and reading your blog I'd just like to say, you've done a fantastic job in working towards a fair platform to compete with traditional in-house call recording and indexing systems. However there's a lot left to question. One thing I would like to know is for users that don't have RTT compatible devices or Beam Messenger will there be a method for retrieving data from past calls through a web portal or is this a live feed of data only? if the former, who provides the portal, is it integrated into the business adopting your platform or provided directly by Beam. As a privacy concerned and non-business user: The marketing on PH speaks to the general public for personal calls however what you're asking from them is to accept having a 3rd party in on all calls actively recording/processing every spoken word, just for keeping a personal record with transcription. Not sure how well personal use will take off. Will this work with calls to traditional phone numbers or devices not yet compatible with RTT, would that only work one-way? and will there be a notification that the call is being recorded/processed by a 3rd party? or is this only working with Beam Messenger to Beam Messenger calls when it comes to personal use? How do you plan on storing all this sensitive and potentially high value data, will personal users require sufficient storage on their phone to keep records, or will 3rd party online storage be acceptable (onedrive, google drive, etc)? If the data proves to be high value and is stored centrally, how do you plan to reduce interest from attacks to access such data? Will this differ from businesses adopting the platform? Monetisation. How do you plan to monetise this service will there be a subscription based cost for personal use, or will the cost of the service be subsidised by the voice communications suite marketed towards businesses? --- TBH I think this is really cool, but it's also terrifying if the wrong people get involved or obtain unauthorized access. oh and also a feature recommendation: "Off the record/privacy mode" all parties on call can create/accept a stop invite for transcribing and recording so that they can voice their sensitive opinions/information without risk of repercussions.
@mistergoodwin thanks a lot for the message. I'll answer them 1 by 1: - Its not a live feed only. Its all stored for retrieval at any later point. If someone told you an address a month ago, you can find it in text, and if you click on the address, you will hear it spoken by your friend. It's all in the app. - Unlike other recording apps, there is no 3rd party. You are not merging calls or inviting a bot to dial in. When you place a call in Beam, and you speak, you are also sending the real-time text. Same with texting, if you friend is driving, he can listen to your text spoken to him through TTS. Hence "Multiformat Commmunications". - We built the tech to have both sides install the BeamCall application, but down the road only 1 side will need the app, the other doesn't. The side without will be notified with that "Their call is being transcribed with BeamCall". - The audio data is securely stored in the cloud, so that we don't take up your valuable device space. But all the text message side of the conversation is stored on your device, just like your WhatsApp records going back years, etc. And your text records are synchronized with the cloud audio, so you can navigate convos through text, and playback conversations at any point going back. - BeamCall will be a freemium application, free to use for X amount of hours with some functionality, and a monthly fee to unlock full unlimited functionality. Akin to Slack and others. - There will definitely be an "Off the record" mode, executed with a voice command. Same to restart it. Same for many other functions you can now execute directly on a call by just speaking it. It's a good interface.