A smart projector that fits in any light socket

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This is insanely cool. So many applications popped into my head when I understood what it was for. Every couple weeks or so, a product pops up in PH that I NEED to have...this is one of those times.
@adamokane Hi Adam, Great to hear :) Be sure to fulfill your need and pledge for a Beam :)
@adamokane me too. Lots of projects are cool, but some are instantly "hey I need that now". I can start thinking of so many things I could have used this for when I was in retail. And just in general. Going to get one to play with once they come out.
This looks awesome! Will be backing this. Looks like a great tool to always have around in the office.
This is truly a kick ass product! Shame the early bird options are all gone :(
Pretty cool product !! How are you guys going on the production side ?
@chnsydney Hi Sydney, Thanks for the compliment. We are as prepared as we could be!
Brilliant! It's sort of the beginning of a new era, glad it's starts with pretty product with amazing branding. I wish it was on the market already! Good luck guys!
@denull Thanks Dimo! I will pass on your feedback to the team!