Beaconstac SMART QR Code Platform

Build QR Code campaigns-dynamic, trackable & retarget online

Beaconstac’s QR code solution is designed for businesses of all sizes. Create branded QR codes, schedule and switch campaigns linked to them, track analytics and retarget users who scan QR codes - on Facebook and Google.
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12 Reviews4.6/5

Building a QR code campaign, which is ubiquitous in 2019, is easier than ever. And the analytics make the campaigns all the more actionable


A useful platform for marketers looking to use QR codes. All-in-one solution for QR code campaigns


Not all features are free. But it has a 14-day free trial which makes it easy to try before committing to the platform

Hey @indramanidas glad you found the platform useful. We are looking to add more features and work more aggressively on the experience, in the coming weeks.

Such an easy to use solution which is fast to setup. Love it.


Easy to use


Nothing that I can think of

Thank you, Kevin, for hunting the product! At Beaconstac, we are are in the business of driving offline commerce and consumer engagement with the mobile device. Our new SMART QR solution is reimagining how we can leverage QR codes in 2019 and convert them from a simple tool to a robust marketing channel for brand managers, product builders, and business owners. QR codes have made a global resurgence and are now omnipresent from direct mailers to billboards, from flyers to product packaging. Whatever your use-case might be, generating more leads to building post-sale engagement, we can help you do it better! Here are three of my favorite features of the SMART QR solution: - Switch between multiple marketing campaigns linked to the same code (based on the day of the week or the time of the day) - Advanced campaign analytics to measure efficacy - Retarget users who scan QR codes on online channels, such as Facebook and Google We’d love to get feedback, and are happy to answer any questions. P.S We have a 14-day free trial for you to get started and try out all our premium features.
I work closely with the hotel industry. This product caught my attention bcoz of its dynamic nature. Does this means, hotels can run feedback campaigns at checkout hours and dinner offers in the evening?? If that's true, then its a cool product to try!!
@mohammed_azam Yes absolutely! That's what our dynamic QR codes let you do.
This is how QR codes should have been built from the beginning. Amazing product!
@lachlankirkwood Glad to hear you love it! Thanks so much!