Be My Eyes

Lend your eyes to the blind

#1 Product of the MonthJanuary 2015

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This is one of the most impressive apps I've seen! Help blind people see through video chats. This is a great example of micro-volunteering and the power of apps to actually improve people's live in meaningful ways. Great work from the non-profit Be My Eyes in collaboration with the guys at Robocat apps (@flarup @williwu and team).
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This got posted 11 months ago, when it was still in the pre-launch phase. Excellent to see them go through with this project :)
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Indeed. Great to see this finally launch! I interviewed @thellek about the project when I hunted it a year ago. Interesting to read in retrospect :)
Thanks guys! We've been waiting for this day for a while - glad to see if finally spreading and seeing that 'helped' counter climb. <3
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@flarup did you ever consider using the text-recognize features similar to the ones used in wordlens/google translate? Simply let the blind person point the mobile camera at the text, it will then recognize the text and use text to speech to let him know what it says.
Thanks Kris, yes it's very easy. Most blind or sight impaired smartphone users use the build in accessibility voice over– which works remarkably well. They're guided through registration in just a few simple steps. It was an interesting challenge to design an app that worked well in these kinds of situations.
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would love to see this for android as well
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