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Hi Everyone, I am Josh, Innovation Lab Director at Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects and creator of Be - Career Discovery. Be is the fun way to discover your future career by swiping through career cards. Swipe right to like a career or swipe left to pass. It's like Tinder but for discovering your future career. Ok, so why did an architecture firm make an app? We have designed 1,800+ education facilities and we are exploring how to move beyond the learning environment and into the learning experience. Be is our first foray in this venture. We created it to be helpful to the millions of students who don’t know what career they want to pursue or what exciting paths even exist. It helps solve that pesky question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?". “Be - Career Discovery” is free on the App Store. I would love to hear your feedback!
@jpsanabria do you focus on certain types of careers?
@writerpollock Yes! Be focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) careers. The goal is to expose high school students to hundreds of careers they may have never thought of or even heard of. Plus, it shows these kids, young and old, that you don't need a P.h.D. to have a fulfilling career. Their are many options out there that are in demand but can be achieved in 1-2 years.
@jpsanabria Awesome, awesome, awesome idea. Thank you Josh and RRCArch!
@jpsanabria no android love...
@petrev01 Sorry, not yet. But things move quickly and getting up and running on Android would help us reach more students, so this may change soon.
'Be' helps students (or us adult kids who don't want to grow up) to discover their future career(s) by swiping through career cards. The average millennial will have over 15 jobs, so it's the right time to promote more career exploration early on, and 'Be' combines the OG swipe right to like a career with info like salary and education requirements. It's basically Tinder for exploring careers and it's free on the App Store.
Ha! if only career planning was actually this easy (edit) Although.... from any career planning or whatever similar activities I may have done in the past, nothing would've pointed me in this direction and got me here.
@bentossell Very true! We try to smooth at least one part of the process, career discovery. No more scrolling through faceless and drab directories like What high schooler is going to do that?
Like Jobr for career ideas, I like it!
Why you are available only on iOS >= 9.3?
@tareyevg The idea was to start someone as quickly as possible and get it into the hands of students before summer. Future iterations may include an Android and perhaps even a web version. In the mean time, I hope it is helpful to someone you know.. Perhaps a cousin, nephew, etc who is in thinking about what they want to Be.