Simulate realistic verbal conversations

Need your team, whatever the size, to talk consistently? First, use Battlecard to organize that verbal process. Then, Battlecard will simulate verbal conversations with customers, prospects or whoever (powered by AI) to ensure your team is always performing!
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Hey everyone! One of the makers of Battlecard, formerly known as Parsegon. It's been a long journey: we originally made this tool as a way to simulate a phone screening interview. Over time it became a sales training tool and then we realized we could help assist the entire conversational training process. Our customers are diverse, including a lot of sales teams but also teams that want to help their students interview better. We've gotten a good bit of soft interest on the healthcare side of things to - to help with empathy and anxiety training. We are excited to see where Battlecard takes us and felt it was the right time to make a ProductHunt debut. I hope you like what we are building and would be fantastic to get your thoughts!
Huge fan of Battlecard! Congrats on the great work team.
Big fan of this! Love the idea of your sales team getting more shots up in an effective/easy way. I work with a lot of local businesses, with whom you really don't get a second chance at a good impression. Definitely keeping this in mind as we grow our team
Been using Battlecard for the past few months to help ramp up a new member of the sales team and the simulations have been pivotal in helping them close their first deal. The product is super-intuitive and the founders are always responsive to support issues, definitely recommend checking them out.
@gxzliu been great working with you George!
Awesome to see Battlecard finally publicly launch! It's been extremely useful for my startup's sales team.