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Battle rap with anyone across the globe 🌍

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#5 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2017



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I appreciate the love ❤️. This app was made for good laughs and to connect people all around the world
Idean Vasef
Idean VasefHunter@ivasef85 · Connector / Marketing / Tech Enthusiast
@berner415 glad you got on here to represent your product! congrats man
@ivasef85 much love . It's cool as hell to see this thing grow organically. I feel blessed
@berner415 Not bad.
Paul Wong
Paul WongMaker@paulwong90 · 😎
😎 Had fun!
Nick Perkins
Nick Perkins@nickprkins · iOS Developer & Startup Enthusiast
Awesome idea. I'm not a rapper but this is great.
Idean Vasef
Idean VasefHunter@ivasef85 · Connector / Marketing / Tech Enthusiast
I first saw this on Simon Rex's Instagram and thought it was pretty hilarious yet dope so I hunted it. They've made the app work seamlessly for users. You can choose from 🔥 instrumentals (old school and new) and they're building a cool community. I think this particular mix of hip-hop X tech is needed and could be a good recruiting tool for A & R's / music industry folks.
Agustin Delgado
Agustin Delgado@agustin_delgado
This app is on a whole other level this is insane this will test your mind think quick for you can rhyme with the beat and battle and defeat the other person#cookiessf#battleapp aye uncle much love 209!