Basketball Is Fun

A community built on the backboards of basketball courts.

A basketball community for basketball communities. Check rock and share your favorite roundball courts from around the world.

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I really like it. Finally something for us hoopers.


Cool idea for hoopers

I just thought about building this last week :-D

Finding courts is not that easy if you are not from that area...


You definitely need a cooler name... (HoopPlaces or idk...)

Bring that to Germany/EU!

Needs way more entries

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Would love to see some EU courts added to the site!

It’s an awesome product for tapping Into and building community around love of hoops and courts around the globe


Awesome content, clever idea


None, it rocks

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Hey @peterhironaka, These photos are beautiful. Are you a bigtime baller? Tell us more about why you wanted to build this site?
@jacqvon Thank you! I built this because I felt there was an opportunity to create a service with real utility - something I felt was lacking in the basketball community. Users can track courts with precision. The less well known the courts are, the better. We're trying to uncover the diamond in the rough no one knows about. It's a work in progress, but my hope is that people start using it and in turn helps to grow the game.
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Love it!
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Maybe we can also build an App which can find courts nearby