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Thanks Tom for hunting us! We built Bash because we were tired of back and forth messaging/email/whatever just to organize hangouts with friends. With Bash, it's simple, fast, and platform agnostic (we send texts with a web RSVP feature). More in-depth on TC: Would love to hear community feedback and what you guys think!
@jimmyliu nice product. Why are you better than Facebook events or group messages?
@dawsonwhitfield Facebook events are public and built for larger events, we built Bash for regular hangouts with your best friends (i.e Kayaking with Dorm Mates during Summer). In terms of group messaging, our experience is that there is a lot of noise in between actual event communication, in addition to information being hard to locate in those chats. Thanks for checking us out!
I don't relate strongly to the use case here, but I wanted to chime in and say I love the website design. I know this design isn't anything super special per se, but so many products get launched nowadays and it either takes me forever to figure out what they do or I actually never figure it out. This site is dead simple and clean, making it easy to quickly understand what the product does. Thanks for saving me and everyone else time and pain!
@theericanderson Thanks Eric for the kind words on the website. We've been finding the app to be popular with college students, especially with our Berkeley launch (and special events tab for Berkeley students). Otherwise, this launch has been tremendously valuable to us as a company to be able to find out what our users use our app for!