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Sven Kapuđija
@svenkapudija · Maker
Hi hunters! Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc :) I started it as a mini-project for just one country, Portugal, where I’m headed in a few months. I searched for all the info by Googling individual phrases - “portugal currency”, “portugal visa”, “portugal weather” etc. At one point it became obvious there is a lot of quality travel info out there but it’s fragment… See more


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I like the idea! But Country-wide information can actually be not that useful - City information makes much more sense but I get that it is a lot more work and harder to gather. But for any country, the prices, weather etc etc all varies extremely widely from city to city
@levelsio · Founder of Nomad List
Really awesome and useful :) The interface is super clean and readable too, I can learn something from that!
Ivan Brezak Brkan
Love the concept Sven and am going to use it for my next trip to Iceland :) For those not familiar with Sven this kid has been one of the wiz-kid-developers of the Croatian scene - churning out cool little projects while improving his career! Really happy to see another project by him!
Louis Svugr
@louis_sugar · I make and market stuff.
Love the site! Especially the cool "planning to travel" email list building feature. Still a few bugs though, like despite showing the correct exchange course from EUR to CAD (1€=1.46CAD) showing a 258% increase in cost of 1L of water (1.54€/2.25CAD). Would love to see some integrations with useful sites like @nomadlist or links to the immigration sites etc.
Aleh Tsikhanau
@ethnoza · Eightydaysme Founder
Hello! Nice! Let me introduce our Eightydays.me, we've been creating this over 2 years and launched 4 weeks ago

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