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I like the idea! But Country-wide information can actually be not that useful - City information makes much more sense but I get that it is a lot more work and harder to gather. But for any country, the prices, weather etc etc all varies extremely widely from city to city
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@bentossell Thanks! :) I guess it depends on the information and size of the country but yes - some info is more variable then other and should be broken down into states and/or cities. That's something I'm considering doing, although not sure of the method yet (because that's quite a lot more data to handle/update).
@svenkapudija yeh I get its more work and lots more data to collect. But a country as small as Wales still has a huge variety in its stats, country-wide. China would be crazy to group together. Like I said, I like the idea, I just dont think it works so well when it is country-wide info. It's a good start though!
@bentossell always welcome to combine Basetrip with :)
@bentossell Yes! City information is a lot harder to gather -
@akidelmar @bentossell @rrhover Thanks! Sure, I'll drop you an email ;)
Really awesome and useful :) The interface is super clean and readable too, I can learn something from that!
@levelsio Thanks for everything - tweet, book (, advice...I really appreciate it :)
Love the concept Sven and am going to use it for my next trip to Iceland :) For those not familiar with Sven this kid has been one of the wiz-kid-developers of the Croatian scene - churning out cool little projects while improving his career! Really happy to see another project by him!
Love the site! Especially the cool "planning to travel" email list building feature. Still a few bugs though, like despite showing the correct exchange course from EUR to CAD (1€=1.46CAD) showing a 258% increase in cost of 1L of water (1.54€/2.25CAD). Would love to see some integrations with useful sites like @nomadlist or links to the immigration sites etc.
@louis_sugar @nomadlist That feature was actually coded & deployed on-the-fly during the Product Hunt, it worked :D Credits go to @thekyleduck for a little Twitter brainstorming sessions which made it possible :) Will fix those bugs, thanks for the report!
@svenkapudija @louis_sugar @nomadlist Great work, Sven! Seriously can't say enough on how useful this is. I just subscribed with the reminder feature ;) Cheers!!
Hi hunters! Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc :) I started it as a mini-project for just one country, Portugal, where I’m headed in a few months. I searched for all the info by Googling individual phrases - “portugal currency”, “portugal visa”, “portugal weather” etc. At one point it became obvious there is a lot of quality travel info out there but it’s fragmented and burried all over the place. I gathered, summarized and structured it all in one place (which enables me to do nifty things like comparing your home country with the searched one). When I was done, I added some other countries, then all the European ones...then the whole world :) The country with the most data right now is France as the top touristic destination, while Croatia has a few tips. Feel free to ask me anything :)
@svenkapudija Wow, this could be super useful. But don't you want to add a way to edit, add or correct info? How did you gather the data?
@buzzb0x Yes, and that's something that's in the works in a form of editable per-card dialogs (, however not finished yet. Data is gathered from various online and offline sources including Wikipedia, Numbeo, IEC for electrical sockets, ITU for internet speed, OpenExchangeRates, credit card websites (VISA, MasterCard, Discover...) for emergency numbers, EU site for EU health insurance, IAMAT for vaccinations, tourist guides etc. Data was gathered both automatically (online parsing), semi-automatically (manually written parsers for specific PDFs) and manually (offline tourist guides).