Sync your Airtable bases

Are you looking to share part of your bases with your collaborators or clients? We can help you out. Our tool can sync data both ways, including updates. So you can collaborate seamlessly and share only what you need to!
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Hey Rod, i'm sorry to hear that. You are right i'm late to follow up ( 2 days ? ) I got a bit overwhelmed with the number of signup and also i didn't had proper email funnel in place. 100% my bad, but i though i set the expectation right : it's beta, it's a side project and it's only a 10$ fee. Happy to refund.
Hey there, I built a tool named Bases. It allows airtable users to sync part of their bases to clients. The reason i build it is because I usually see users asking "how to share view with edit access" or "how can i share some part of my airtable base". Well, long story short, i had the same need for my business so i built a tool internally to solve that: I sync part of my base to clients and partners, let them edit some fields and sync the data back to the master base. I think it's a cool tool and many users would like it, so i want to share it P.S. It's still in beta, so if you would like to try it out, signup or write me a message on the chat. Thanks for your time. Yoann
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!
Signed up, paid for the trial (what?!) no access, no feedback or login/setup instructions, no reply to support chat. Terrible.