Based Mobile: Social UI Kit for Sketch

UI Kit for feeds on iOS, Android and Web

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Thanks for sharing this Alex!I started to work on Based Mobile to create a nice Symbol driven framework for mobile. With Based Mobile, I created a Bootstrap-eque system that stays close to native iOS and Android. My hope is that this provides a great starting point for Sketch users to quickly put together a great prototype for their apps. This can be a cor… See more
@tschellenbach · CEO GetStream.io
Love the work our designer Josh did on this one. The previous UI kit was featured on Product Hunt 9 months ago and got so much good feedback that we decided to do a mobile one focused purely on social. For reference here's the first UI kit: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Thomas Høgenhaven
This seems excellent at first glance. We are regularly building new products and features with activity feeds and streams - this is going to make the process way faster. Any plans to create a similar kit for Adobe XD? Thanks!
Wout Laban
@woutlaban · growth hacker at Gibbon
Hey @uijudo great kit, thanks. I see you used a lot of the - by now - standard UI elements for a social feed. What do you think will be the next generation of user interactions in social feeds. Thinking about Instagram stories, live videos etc. What is key for a designer to keep in mind for the future?
John Doherty
@dohertyjf · Founder, Credo (GetCredo.com)
Passing this along to my wife who is a designer....