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#2 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2016
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One of the most exciting aspects of designing here at Stream is the chance I get to see new products that are getting ready to hit the market. It’s common for people to send us a link to their InVision prototypes with the question, “Can Stream support this design?”. Sometimes we have some suggestions on best practices for implementing our API, but the answer is usually a resounding YES. Based on these conversations and many inspiring apps we’ve seen built on top of Stream, we’ve set out to better equip the world to build great feeds. We believe the possibilities are endless with the Stream API and we believe the newly released Based UI Kit for Feeds is going to be a great asset for product teams. Use what works, iterate, build and launch. It’s easy to see how this UI Kit for Feeds and Activity Streams will be easy to use for Web Apps, iOS Apps and Android Apps. The design is intentionally neutral to fit within Material Design and iOS best practice constructs. As a result, this should be a natural fit for easy modification to inherit the design patterns of all apps.
tschellenbachMakerHiring@tschellenbach · CEO
@uijudo you can follow Josh on Dribbble:
Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah@dharmesh · Founder and CTO, HubSpot
You gotta feed your need for feeds. Congrats, Stream Team! #happyinvestor
tschellenbachMakerHiring@tschellenbach · CEO
@dharmesh thanks!
Jurgen Jocubeit
Jurgen Jocubeit@kodemunki · CEO & President, Brightcommerce, Inc.
Really nice UI Kit guys, certainly helps people envision what they could build with Stream.
@kodemunki Thanks! The main goal was to provide a valuable asset for Products. We felt like it was a natural fit to showcase different feeds. Yes, Stream could power these designs :)
Itamar O Kestenbaum
Itamar O Kestenbaum@itamar_o_kestenbaum
Sketch is magic.
Nick Parsons
Nick ParsonsMakerHiring@nickparsons · Developer Evangelism @
tschellenbachMakerHiring@tschellenbach · CEO
@itamar_o_kestenbaum I know right. Today I learned that Sketch was founded in The Netherlands. Super cool to see a Dutch startup succeed. (I'm Dutch and it's pretty rare to see fellow Dutch startups succeed)
Johan@johan_mickelin · Founder Refine Music
this is fantastic! been trying to wrap my head around effective feed layouts for a while
tschellenbachMakerHiring@tschellenbach · CEO
@johan_mickelin Thank you!
@johan_mickelin great feedback! This was one of our goals!