Barley CMS

Simple inline editing, HTML for templates, Dropbox syncing

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@rrhoover With Barley CMS we're trying to keep things dead simple. Nearly all small business web sites are pretty simple and don't need a lot of options -- in fact, the options can sometimes get in the way of the experience and can result in a site that the original designers never intended. So I would say the main differences between Barley CMS and really any competing CMSes is simplicity. A designer can write a template using just HTML and give their client(s) control to change anything or nothing. To only edit the text or to add rich text or media. It is all optional. This way their clients can't "mess up" a site once it is delivered. One other main difference is Dropbox syncing, as opposed to FTP or Zip files. You place some HTML in a directory on Dropbox and click sync. Easy.
Hello everyone! Colin, co-founder of Plain here. We hope you dig Barley CMS. If anyone has any questions I'd love to answer them here.
I'm super impressed and love that you're empowering marketers. When I worked at PlayHaven in product management, I worked w/ marketing and engineering (and everyone else, really). Naturally, marketing wanted to quickly make copy changes and small layout adjustments but as a larger company, we had to manage these requests and fit it into our process. How do you compare to Squarespace and similar CMS', @cdevroe?
I do not know if this is the right way to announce this... or if this is even proper PH etiquette, if not -- please accept my apology. We recently made some big updates to Barley CMS. Rather than repost to PH I thought I'd just pop in here and comment. Here are two: - Media Library - Combo Feeds