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Hey everybody! We're super, tail-waggingly, zoomies-around-the-yard excited about the release of BarkShop :) If you have any questions, comments, feedback etc please email me at on on twitter at @basker. XOXarf -Team BarkShop
It seems like Bark & Co (@werdelin) releases a new dog-related app every month. Love it. Here are a few others previously hunted: - BarkCam - The first camera app designed to make your pup a star - BarkBox - A monthly box of dog goodies - BarkCare - Home vet visits, without lifting a paw BarkCam is my favorite and particularly fun to use with people.
@rrhoover as always thanks the shout out... We do enjoy building new services and products for dog lovers here at Bark & Co. Hope people enjoy our attempt to make a new shopping experience for k9 nuts :) We had hoped to keep BarkShop a bit under the radar while we get some more collections in and fix the last bugs... You guys are FAST :) So please be gentle - still a lot to get done this week and next before we feel ready for primetime. Teaser: can you find the easter egg :)
This is AWESOME! As an obsessive dog dad, I'm pumped to see an alternative to PetSmart and PetCo that's innovating and cares so much about its customers. @basker One thing I would love to see is item descriptions on the "Shop the Box" page so I can learn about an item before buying it. I look forward to seeing BarkShop grow! EDIT: I should also add that the site is really well-designed. So clean. So easy to use.
@maxwendkos Glad you like :) We'll absolutely be refining and developing Shop the Box going forward. Thanks for the feedback!!
@maxwendkos Max, thanks! As @basker says, we still have a lot of work to do on the shop the box experience. The plan is to tie that area better into people with a box subscription - so expect us to work a lot on making that specific area stella.
Great to see @werdelin and team doing this finally. Huge fan of the team and products.
How do you guys plan and prioritize product ideas? Seems like you have an innovative idea coming out every month? Very impressive!
@josephkerns Thanks Joe! I guess its a longer story on how we look at building out our vision of a 'full stack' experience for dog parents. Sounds like I should write a post about it... (note to self; but on todo list :)
@werdelin great! well if your to-do list is like mine...that will longer there for a while and make you feel guilty :) congrats!