Turn two phones or tablets into a smart dog monitoring app.

Barkio is a new app that turns two devices into a single dog monitor and lets you interact with your dog remotely. All you need are two devices (phones, tablets) and Barkio app. Watch live video of your dog, hear every noise, and communicate with the dog.
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@ejsnowdon never be without dele again!
Hi everyone! 👋 We're happy to introduce you to our brand new app. Barkio aims to help dog owners with keeping an eye on their dogs. When leaving for work, running errands, or enjoying a night out, Barkio monitors your dog, streams you a live video of your pooch, and lets you communicate with it remotely. 🐶 The best part is that you only need two devices (any phones or tablets will do) connected to the internet and the Barkio app. One device stays at home, and the second device is yours to check on your dog anytime you need. You can hear and see how your dog is doing in real-time, calm it down remotely with your voice, and stream a video of yourself so the dog can see you. Barkio also sends you notifications about your pooch and gives you an overview of all activities to better understand your dog's behavior. Barkio just launched on iOS and Android, and you can try it for free. 🤩 We really want to hear what you think about the app, and if you'd like to give it a try. 😊
Great app for all dog lovers! You can hear and see what's going on in your house, even you are at work.
Ohhh clever - well done, very impressive
Looks really cool. amazing idea. I want a dog first.. 🐕‍🦺Upvoted!