Home vet visits, without lifting a paw

I hope the answer is "no" but have you used this with Rupert yet, @sandimac? For everyone else, here's cute little Rupert:
Not yet! They're just in NYC atm, hopefully SF soon. It's from the same group that created BarkBox (which I'm also a fan/user of, the monthly subscription service for dogs with treats and toys) I'm excited to try out BarkCare - visiting the vet for shots, routine checkups, etc. is super stressful for Rupert. He hates it. In theory a 'house call' should be much less stressful for the little guy :)
Why is Dr. Sarah biting her sleeve?
@andreasklinger - LOL! I didn't notice that until now.
So... I am actually a beta tester for SF, and a BarkCare vet dropped by my place this morning :) Update - it was great! It was really nice to have them come over to my house, it made the whole process super efficient. They followed-up with a GDoc of what we went over, his history, shots he's had, etc. Really great compared to the random papers I have in a closet from the regular vet. lol @andreasklinger - I think there's a dog sitting on her lap, and that's the dog's ear.