Bark 2.0 for Android

Connecting people nearby with a bark

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Hello ProductHunters! Bark finally launches Android version! Bark app went live on iOS three months ago with a mission to redefine the way people engage with others around them. We wanted to create a near-distance social space around you wherever you are located without any social or location barriers, by imitating the way dogs communicate with each other. Now we launched Android version with so many new features: 1. You can bark like a dog with other users within a 1 mile radius. 2. You can add a short message with your bark to express your thoughts with people nearby. 3. Bark shows conversation logs at every location, so you can join the local Bark chat anywhere. 4. You can compete with others to see how many barkers you meet and territories you achieve. 5. You can watch all dogs barking on a real-time basis at Bark Website ( We appreciate any of your comments or opinions! Thanks! ** Bark for iOS: ** Bark Facebook: ** Bark Instagram:
@andrew_cho I'm a bit confused.. is this for me to meet other people, or my dog to meet other dogs?
@rossdcurrie It's for you to meet other people by being a dog. We wanted to remove all the communication barriers such as gender, age, or language for people to engage with strangers on social space. Also, we want to create a fun and new playground. This is why we came up with the idea that all users become dogs, and imitate the way dogs communicate.
@andrew_cho Cool, thanks for clearing it up. It's certainly an interesting way to approach it!
@rossdcurrie Thank you so much!
Very fun application!!!!!!
Wait what? You *are* the dog? I can't tell if I love this or... the opposite of love this... Oh wait - I see what this is... Jesus YES! It's a surreal version of what @foursquare was originally built as "N people are currently doing X at Y location" I hope this takes off in Brooklyn. @barkmobileapp @andrew_cho
Does it work with Wuphf?
@widawskij not yet. maybe at some point. lol
@widawskij We may contact Ryan Howard to work out the deal.. lol
Updated doggystyle:) Like it :)