Baremetrics for Braintree and Recurly

Subscription analytics and insights for Braintree & Recurly

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Today we’re launching the biggest update in Baremetrics history: we’re expanding our platform to support Braintree and Recurly, in addition to the Stripe support we’ve always had (with more data sources on the way!). Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools they need to grow. By providing tools, insights and education with minimal effort on the business's part, the barrier to making actionable business decisions is lowered dramatically. Everything we do is driven by this mission. Everything we do needs to positively answer the question, "Does this help businesses grow?" And that mission shouldn’t be limited by data source or business model. That’s really the impetus for our expansion. I’m seriously giddy about getting to meet and help out so many new (to us) businesses! Sign up for a free trial today. And if you have any questions, whether it’s about Baremetrics, business in general or just want to talk about life, please reach out!
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@shpigford congrats!
@shpigford Great to see this go live Josh (and team). Baremetrics is one of those products I admire, it's great to see you expanding out here. All the best with it!
@shpigford wow, this is amazing. Braintree is moving a lot of money right now, so it proves the maturity of your product, Josh. Congrats to the awesome crew of Baremetrics.
@fredrivett Thanks so much, Fred!
@marcosluis2186 Much appreciated, Marcos!
This is huge Josh! Congratulations to you and your team!
@nathanbarry Thanks Nathan! 🙌
Congrats on the release! We love baremetrics at Ionic ❤️
@maxlynch Thanks Max! You guys are the best!
@maxlynch Huge fan of Ionic! You guys are largely, though indirectly, what got me a job @Baremetrics.
For months (years?) we've wanted to use Baremetrics for our business metrics, but haven't been able to because of our use of Recurly. Now it's possible – IT'S POSSIBLE! This is so exciting, I can't wait to give it a go. Awesome work Josh and team!
@jamesjgill Yay humans! 📈🚀💥
Congrats @shpigford ! What was the decision process that led you to start with Braintree and Recurly?
@mccauley_jay Thanks Jay! Ultimately comes down to helping more businesses...that's our mission and expanding to other data sources gives us access to many more businesses that we can help!