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We launched Baremetrics over 3 years ago, built almost exclusively on top of an API. We were the first one-click, no-setup revenue analytics product available and because of that were able to form an amazing partnership with our pals at Stripe. So many things have been made possible for us as a business thanks to APIs. Having our own full-featured, robust API now is, selfishly, really exciting because I can't wait to see what kinds of things people build with our API. The Baremetrics Analytics API enables any company to use Baremetrics and get deep insights into their business. Maybe you've rolled your own subscription logic, or you're just using a payment processor we don't support yet. With the API, you can use Baremetrics now with a few simple API calls. Or maybe you've got an internal dashboard you use across your company to track all of your company metrics. Well, now you can pull your SaaS metrics into that as well. What if you wanted to know the LTV of a given customer so you can send them a different set of marketing emails? Yep! You can do that too. But that's just scratching the surface...and that's what's so great about APIs. The possibilities really are endless. So, check out the API and let us know what you think and what sort of ideas you've got! We'd love to help you get integrated!
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@shpigford Congrats! Love the design! Would also be cool to get SMS notifications or push messages from some webhooks. Overall, what would you say your biggest challenge was in releasing the API? I'm currently working on a Node API for a product and am trying to get it off the ground. Any advice? P.S. Shopify support would be awesome. Cheers.
@cameronjroe Thanks Cameron! Biggest challenge was limiting the scope so we could actually get it out the door. :)
Nice work @shpigford and team! I love what you all are doing!
@johnjoubert Thanks so much John! πŸ™Œ
Finally! So far ChartMogul seemed to be the only viable alternative in this space with custom payment API's. It would be good to hear a bit on any similarities and differences between the two w.r.t the integration APIs. Also any upcoming plans and what's the next major release lined up? @shpigford
@dayson Thanks Dayson! Re: API differences...I'm honestly not sure. We don't pay much attention to others in the field...especially when it comes to product stuff. We just build what we believe will help our customers the most. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― As for next major release...check back here on Product Hunt next Tuesday. πŸ“ˆπŸ’₯
Great job as always Josh!
@mnlfrgr Awe shucks, thanks Manuel! πŸ‘
Hell yeah! Your team rocks! πŸ‘Š
@jvegis Thanks Janis! YOU rocks. πŸ˜‰