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Hi everyone! Maker of Barelog here. :) The main reason why I started working on Barelog was to see if I can build&launch something over the weekend, since I was a full-time designer until 3 months ago, that was quite a challenge. Of course, it wasn’t finished over the weekend. It took 12 days and lots of "no, it sucks", “can’t go public with this” and similar bulls*it but it's still under 60 hours total so I'm quite happy about it. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know. Also, thanks to @marckohlbrugge, @vesln, @drikerf & all awesome people who inspired & helped! ------------ Use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT for 50% off!
Might just give this a spin
@dovidyudkowitz Please do! Feel free to hit me on if you have any questions or troubles around implementation.
How it is different from service which was launched earlier ? p.s. We use it as our changelog at
@pbramtech To be honest, I discovered Headway way to late and Barelog is in fact quite similar if not exactly the same concept as Headway. I can't really say Barelog is better or different at this stage. Currently main difference is that we're going a bit deeper into customisation options.
Awesome work!
Check out the implementation example: (feel free to fork and customize)