A place for readers to discover content and support writers

Bard gives writers everything they need to create content and get paid for it.
- Have all your writing in one place
- Put exclusive content behind a paywall
- Accept monthly subscriptions and one-time donations
Get paid for the value you create.
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Hi everyone, Today I'm excited to present you with Bard. Bard is a platform where readers can read and support the writers they love. We built a patron model that focuses specifically on the needs of writers and on the user experience for readers. As a reader, Bard gives you the opportunity to discover new content and to support the writers you love. We've taken the power away from advertisers and publications and given it to you. As a writer, you can capture the value you provide to your audience. Your writing and your supporters finally live in the same place. You get to focus on creating your best work while we take care of the infrastructure. We're always building new features to give you the tools to succeed and to create a better experience for your readers. We launched our beta two weeks ago and are excited to be on ProductHunt today! There are many new features in the works and we're excited for what's ahead. Read or Write on Find out more at Request Features at
@alainkj is your patron model the primary difference from Medium's Partner Program?
@chrismessina Hi Chris, that's correct.
Congrats on the launch Anthony! Writers will love this. 👏 👏 👏
So proud of my brother and his co-founder on this. Such a wonderful concept and I think this will really reach readers and writers on an entire new level!
Great to see an innovative writing application/platform
@philip_ogley Thank you Phil!
This is a great idea! :) I'm a writer myself but Stripe is not available where I live. Are you planning to integrate PayPal, too?
@petra_gonczi Hi Petra! Thank you and sorry to hear Stripe isn't available in your country. At the moment, we don't have plans to integrate PayPal. We're in the early stages with many features in the works and Stripe gives us a lot of flexibility. However, if this is an issue that keeps coming up, we would definitely consider it.
@alainkj Great, thanks! :) Good luck with the project! :)