Bar Roulette for iOS

Go bar hopping with the help of Uber, Yelp and Foursquare.

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Hi PHers - I’m excited to have the iOS version of Bar Roulette launched (my first iOS app). After the phenomenal response from my first web-app in August I knew I needed to build native app. I designed and built it myself so it took me a bit longer than expected (seeing as I had to learn Swift…) Bar Roulette combines Uber, Yelp and Foursquare to find a highly rated bar and take you to it. And it’s all without telling you the name of the bar until you arrive! So simple, and so much fun. I received insightful feedback from users of the web-app and made some changes for the iOS version. The biggest modification was changing the bar search area from the radius around the user’s current location to now allowing users to pick what general region or neighborhood they want to find the bar in. This is great for people who live outside of a city (and want to find a bar in the city) or have a particular neighborhood they want to go to. I also added the ability to choose between Yelp or Foursquare as the source of the bars (don’t let the power go to your head). If you use Foursquare you can filter the bars based on price. Perfect for a cheap date night :) Please give it a try and send me your feedback! I’ve got a list of features I’d like to ideas are welcome!!
@tylerswartz Congrats Tyler!!!
@danielsing3r thanks! it's been an exciting and nerve-wracking day with the launch. Definitely going to go use Bar Roulette soon to celebrate!
Great little app for going out and discovering your city and its bars — using Uber as your designated driver! Nice work @tylerswartz!
Thanks for hunting @chrismessina! It's been fun to work with the Uber API, there are a lot interesting ways to use it!
what I would give for this with coffee shops & juice bars hahaha
@jordan_jackson haha, good idea. that would be a perfect balance for the morning crowd. What are you going to get, Blue Bottle or Dunkin' Donuts?
@jordan_jackson We are wrking on that..... see you soon on product hunt ;)
@elyesb awesommeee!!!! looking forward to it --- is crema app in beta right now?
@jordan_jackson yes ! Coming in about 2 weeks !! I'll keep you posted where do you live ?
Very cool @elyesb! Good luck on the launch!
Love this concept. Could totally see myself getting a group of buddies for a bar-hopping night to discover new places around the city. Good stuff @tylerswartz!
@kevinleeme @tylerswartz PMHQ outing with Bar Roulette for the next meet up?
This is a really fun app. Integrates with two of my go-to apps for discovering a city (Uber and Foursquare). @tylerswartz, it would be great to compile some of the stories that people end up having by using the app.
Thanks @fahadquraishi that is a great idea! Let me know how it goes using it this weekend!