Bar Roulette

Go bar hopping with the help of Uber + Yelp

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The app was designed and built by me, Tyler, as a side project to explore a fun way to utilize Uber's new ride request API functionality. I'd love your feedback. The app combines Yelp and Uber to take you to a highly rated bar. Input your location, Uber whisks you to a random (but always top Yelp-rated) bar, which isn't revealed until Uber drops you off. Enjoy the adventure and try to guess where you're headed. It even checks to make sure the bar is open so it works on Saturday morning...I won't judge.
@tylerswartz can I request Foursquare support?
@tylerswartz this sounds like a lot of fun πŸ˜†. Have you given it a go? What was it like?
@bcjordan Yes, even after spending so much time building it I was surprised at how much fun it was to try and guess what bar I was headed to in the Uber. Also, the Uber driver started guessing when I explained that I didn't know what bar was at the end of the coordinates he had.
@chrismessina Yes! Added to the feature list ;)
@tylerswartz now I must insist! :)
This is awesome. You could add in other random services to the adventure like restaurants & Airbnb for a whole weekend experience.
Thanks @irawilley! Yes it would be fun to add on more services, great idea.
I'm now the Product Manager on the Uber API ( and we thought that this was a really fun app from the Hackathon! Well done Tyler. Let me know if we can be helpful in any way.
@chrissaad Thanks, nice to hear the positive feedback. The hackathon helped give me the extra motivation to finish it on time :)
What a fantastic idea. Have you considered making a native mobile version?
@eric_seufert native app is currently in the works. The web version was so I could get something out there a bit quicker and get feedback.
Lazy man's date night 😁
@rrhoover haha, no pressure if your date doesn't like the bar. I thought it would be fun to add a "Fancy" setting that only looks for $$$$ bars and sends an Uber Escalade.
@tylerswartz is there a "poor and lazy man" mode? Asking for a friend.
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@rrhoover we'll need to come up with a better name for that mode...