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Recreate the Banksy Artwork Shredder Using CSS Grid

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Lee Martin
Lee MartinMaker@leemartin · Final Boss
Thanks for hunting @mattnavarra 💪🏻And thank you fine folks for any upvotes. This is simply the product of Banksy's stunt and a simple Sunday morning CodePen session. However, since people seem to like it, I am looking for a co-founder and raising 1.4 million dollars. Will let you know when we set a date for IPO. Sincerely, Lee
John Beeler
John Beeler@johnthebeeler · Dawdler, Life
Amazing. I meta-shredded: Pros: * Shreds (digital) art. * Uses CSS grid. Cons: * Though it shreds art, it is not entirely faithful to the Banksy project in that it does not stop halfway before being removed by nervous art auction interns. * You will probably not have sold any art for $1.4 million before shredding digital art. * Is digital, does not actually shred art.
Ali Hammoud
Ali Hammoud@alihammoudlb · Product design specialist
@johnthebeeler supreme 🤑
Valerio Neri
Valerio Neri@valerioneri · Generalist / IT & Processes
Raffi Muradyan
Raffi Muradyan@raffi_muradyan · B2B Marketing Manager
daben@838730592 · Find beautiful in my life
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