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Can't believe it's not listed yet. Short intro: they are doing an amazing work offering tools for musicians to sell/stream their songs & curation for music fans - they're paying out $3 million monthly to artists, with over $90 million since launch. If you download the tracks you can stream it via the free app on all mobile devices. Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Zoe Keating, Amanda Palmer and thousands of artists are using it. What's new: they just launched a label account ( - with Ninja Tune, Sub Pop and many others - that gives you unified accounting and stats across all your artists, the ability to direct payments on a per release basis, etc (see )
How is Bandcamp just now getting hunted?! Awesome add, Claudio! Whenever we hunt songs for asongaday, we try to use Bandcamp links as often as possible. Huge supporters!
longtime fan :)

Bandcamp is a cool company that provide little artists attention, and a cool way to promote themselves. It's really useful to discover artists from underground subgenres, plus it imply a music label notion, like some vaporwave label that sell every digital product of their artists for like $4. You can listening to music by streaming directly from the browser or mobile app, or by downloading it.


v a p o r w a v e


The player isn't that cool, it could be really improved