The most badass book for growth hacking LinkedIn.

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Hey everyone, I have spent the last four months growth hacking LinkedIn. Through my tactics and testing, I've reached over 80 million people with my content. This helped take our agency from 0 - 1.2M ARR in three months. This is a compilation of the best LinkedIn growth hacks from the hundreds we ran - all of which still work today. This is the complete recipe book. A sneak peek of what's in it: -Auto-Connect to Thousands of Prospects -Publish Viral LinkedIn Posts Every Week -Use Engagement Posts to Drive Subscribers -Prep Your Statuses Using Quora -Retarget LinkedIn Connections on Facebook -Turn Your LinkedIn Connections into a Tribe + free access to custom Chrome extension for LinkedIn automation It's received excellent early feedback from many people we respect, and we hope you'll check it out.
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@joshuafechter Excellent, thank you for every step of the way!
@joshuafechter Hi Josh! Thanks for putting this together, a lot of value and just a looking the table of content I can see how this would be useful for every marketer. Where can I download the full version to start up-ing my game ? thanks
Ohh, it would be very cool to work there. I could not find a job for a very long time, and as a result, it was on this social network that I found excellent vacancies. I'm really very glad that I found advertisements from employers. I immediately turned to my friends for recommendations and they helped me a lot. They have written some amazing recommendations with examples and advice for writing recommendations on the linkedjetpack site. So if you have a difficult economic situation and you need a job, then this site will definitely help you with this.
This book seems great. I'm writing my comment a lot like you write your posts. By breaking it into lines. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for providing so much content.
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@treggify Viral You Shall Go
@treggify @theashtube hahaha love this
This could be a 2k course its full of step by step details. I would have paid for this.
@charleskirkland I'll take the kind words instead. Thank you.
@charleskirkland @joshuafechter I'd take $1K and the kind words. Win-Win :)
Is there any way I can give you 100 likes?

Josh is on a mission to empower 1 million founders. He is going to accomplish that mission because of his generosity, brilliance, passion, and drive. He helps people win!


Josh is selling him self short with title of the book. He is an influencer, period!


Lazy people keep moving! You'll need to invest time to read and implement.

Thanks Ron! You're awesome.