Invest your spare change in gold, silver & digital assets

Bamboo makes investing simple, safe and part of your daily life. Bamboo automatically collects spare change from your everyday purchases (coffee, lunch, etc) and invests into assets based on your selected portfolio mix.
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Hi Everyone! Linus here from Bamboo. So excited to be here. We’ve built Bamboo with the goal of making it easier for people to get started with alternative investments (think precious metals, cryptocurrencies, art, even sneakers!). There are four assets currently supported on the platform: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum. New investors can choose from preset portfolios (e.g., 50/50 Bitcoin/Gold) or build a custom one, allocating as little as 1% of their investment to an asset. Pretty neat if you ask me. Investments take the form of top-ups (self-explanatory) or acorn-style round-ups (these come from collecting the spare change from your daily transactions). And we are currently in the process of building recurring investments and they will be arriving soon! Once you’re all set up, Bamboo will handle purchasing the assets in the proportions you’ve selected. We’re able to buy small fractions of each assets (even as little as a milligram of gold), making it a relatively low-risk way for people to be introduced to investing. Giving your money to a third party service requires a lot of trust, and we believe the best way to build trust is through being transparent. We have spent a lot of time adding features that provide our customers with more information about their investments. People LOVE knowing exactly what they have invested in so with every contribution comes a full receipt outlining: - The price each asset was purchased at - The amount of each asset we purchased for you - The flat transaction fee we took - No Spreads! Spread-less! What other cool things have we been up to, oh yes, this is a game changer. Proof of Solvency: We have spent the last year researching and implementing a protocol that enables our customers to trustlessly audit their funds. This means customers can independently verify that their funds are properly managed and accounted for, and that we are fully solvent. We believe that we are the first investment platform in the world to have this feature included. Thanks for reading all of that! Happy to hear any feedback or respond to any questions you might have about Bamboo!
UPDATE: Forgot to mention we've got a Special for the Product Hunt community, if you sign up and enter the promo code: "HUNTER" we will give you a $5 worth of investment to get started with. No signup fees, no minimum account length. Thats "HUNTER" in the promo code section in settings and you account should be seeded.
@linusekenstam congrats on the launch, looking forward to trying it out!
@david_okuniev1 - Thank you David, means a lot coming from you. I would not be here if it was not for the opportunity you gave me at Typeform. So happy our paths crossed there. I'm looking forward to have it functional over here in Europe.
Hi Hunters! Some details about the product for all the curious builders out there 🤓. We are 100% Serverless, built from the ground up on AWS and integrated through AWS Amplify to a React Native front-end. That's just a fancy way of saying we couldn't afford expensive servers! All of our design assets are custom made - Linus hand sketches them while sipping on martinis in a dimly lit bar in Barcelona. That's how designers work right!? We feel that they give a lovely human touch to your investment journey in what is usually a very sterile environment. The Proof of Solvency work is pretty complicated. While it has its fair share of moon maths, it’s built on top of the ground-work that people smarter than us have laid. We’re happy to talk more about it if you’re interested in homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs and all those cool stuff. Isn’t that how you like to spend your Friday evenings too!? Any more questions let me know and I’ll be happy to chat!
Excellent app. Super simple - a great way to get started with cryptocurrency investing.
@bensong Thanks Ben! Keen to hear of any functionality you would like to see that we haven't built out already! 💪
Awesome app! I’ve never owned gold or cryptocurrency before and this app makes purchasing them easy. Love that you can link it to your bank account and do roundups to help you save and invest at the same time.
@josh_egan Thanks Josh! Any extra features you would like to see? 💪
Love it!
@mel_george Thanks Mel!!! What would you like to see us do next? 💪