Hire an HR manager for $99/month

Bambee allows you to hire an HR manager for just $99 a month. Plus SMB's can access a free suite of powerful HR tools to stay compliant.

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Former ZipRecruiter CMO, Allan Jones has a new company filling a critical part of business infrastructure, HR. Bambee allows you to hire an HR manager for just $99 a month. Plus SMB's and startups can access a free suite of powerful HR tools to stay compliant. HR is broken. New companies don’t understand it, legacy HR companies (ADP etc.) do a terrible job of supporting this function, and unfortunately, due to the costs involved, most companies don’t think about it until it’s too late (especially small businesses). It’s filling an urgent need in today’s environment, where it could be a key part of the answer to the epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace. Super excited to see this team run down a really important space for companies (and their employees) who badly need these tools and services.
@morganb Thanks for hunting our product brother! Hey guys I'm Allan Jones (or AJ) CEO & Founder of Bambee. I'll be really direct: I decided to build this business because of 3 simple facts: Fact One: Human resources is an important organization in a business. For business owners and their employees. Especially in today’s cultural climate. Fact Two: For the majority of small businesses in the United States hiring or contracting HR out to consulting firms is completely unaffordable. Fact Three: Small businesses employ approximately 70% of the American workforce and most do not have an HR team. This means over 30,000,000 employees are without access to an objective Human Resource person. Which is nuts. On Bambee, Small Businesses & start ups can hire an HR manager with Bambee for $99 a month. She/He will create internal HR policy, help business owners stay compliant, answer complex federal & state regulation related questions, craft employee handbooks, draft job descriptions, mediate employee issues and answer company policy questions, obtain employee signatures on important documents and act as the objective sounding board between businesses and employees. Plus, SMB's can access a free suite of powerful HR tools (on our platform) to stay compliant. We're really proud of the work we're doing and the product we've built. All small business and start ups can sign up with a free trial at
@morganb @theallanjones are you guys going to help with motivation like "appropriate revenue share bonuses policy for your business"? I would like to see business consultant + legal verification in your service to help with employee related issues.
@morganb @vladkorobov Hi Vlad good question. Nailing down employee compensation structures, that scale and can be applied as businesses grow is a large part of why clients choose us. A the end of the day the client chooses how they want to comp their employees or contractors. BUT we offer guidance along the way. For example, if a restaurant in Venice CA is thinking about layering in a commission incentive, we can extract national industry data from our platform to help them construct one that works for them, at their size and at the employees or contractors compensation tier (without giving away confidential information of other businesses). In terms of legal, we do have legal partners that we direct clients to when in need but Bambee plans to stay away from diving too deep on the legal end (for now).
I've been thinking about this space a little bit from the lens of "HR departments exist to protect a company, not its employees". IANAL, but I'm curious how binding your agreements with customers are? For instance, if an employee reported another for harassment, and Bambee decided that the proper action would be to dismiss the harassing employee, what power does Bambee have to enforce this decision? Couldn't the company just "fire" Bambee and keep their "high performer"? It sounds like Bambee acts as more of a sounding board than an ultimate decision maker?
@sammybauch Love this question. Let's step back a second and think about the role Human Resources traditional plays in an organization and what their authoritative reach is. Human resources is there to guide businesses on compliance, mediate & facilitate more than anything else. Whether they are facilitating training, policy enforcement or a termination. Typically, the hiring manager is the leader within an organization with the most sway in terms of who stays and who goes. And there are cases, where HR steps in and pushes hard in one direction (sexual harassment is a good example). In these cases, Human Resource in an organization would make a recommendation on how to deal with the employee. But the executive in charge usually makes the final call. So I think your assessment is correct, Bambee is a sounding board, in this context. But thats exactly what a good HR managers role is, in house. Lastly, our job (like an in house HR Manager) is to lay out the facts, mediate, help leadership understand their options, protect employee culture and sometimes yes, make a recommendation. As with tradition, the final call still sits at the top. :)
Hi, as a director of a small but rapidly growing company I can see how incredibly useful this is. But, we’re a UK company, any plans to jump the ocean?
@gazzer82 I wish I could say that we had immediate plans to jump the pond but we're hyper focused on nailing our product experience and servicing the millions of small businesses in the US market. Once your business is taking over the world and expands to the states, give us a ring :)
I'm a bit new to this area. But let's say I'm an employee and want a pay raise. A lot of times that goes through HR, would it be the same with Bambee? I'm curious how the relationship after onboarding/termination would work with the Bambee, would it always be the same HR representative from Bambee or would it change depending on who's available much like if I were to contact customer support for a company?