A drop box for your Dropbox

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I love the idea. The only problem is that the interface is not communicating sufficiently what's going on the screen / what should I do. E.g. I should drop files here, now I can go away because they were successfully uploaded and so on.
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@uxboy Thanks Michal! We were going for simplicity, but you're totally right as far as how it can get confusing. Thanks for the feedback!
@jsngr @uxboy Simplicity is hard. I'd recommend to focus on clarity first.
@robinraszka @uxboy Imagine sending someone that link without context.
Cool idea, but I feel that it is not explained very well in the homepage and when others receive the balloon link :)
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@jenssegers Hmm yeah, I don't understand what it is or does.
@rogerdickey @jenssegers We pushed an update just now that makes the homepage details section more visible. Was that the issue before? Thanks!
@jsngr @jenssegers still doesn't make sense to me
@_jacksmith @jenssegers What can I help clear up?
@jsngr @jenssegers yeah, I think I didn't get the idea as well. Why should I upload my wedding photos to Balloon if I can do that with Dropbox?
This is a really nice concept! I love the simplicity. Could you explain how it's different from Dropbox's own 'file requests' feature?
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@gmph Thank you Graham :) Honestly we've been ideating and working on this for quite sometime. Even before the file requests feature ( I believe that was rolled out on Jun 17th). With balloon, its more of custom links supporting multi file uploads. Comes with a nice little image preview too! In the next version, we will be rolling out a password protection feature too. Let us know if you have any other questions!
@gmph Graham, Balloon and Dropbox file requests aren't too dissimilar. Balloon is just a friendlier and more playful 3rd party version of it. But with plans to integrate other cloud services, it will grow beyond Dropbox file requests capabilities.
@gmph Another difference is that Dropbox's File Requests send you an email when new files are uploaded.
@jsngr Supporting multiple third-party services for uploading might be interesting too! For example if someone had a Google Drive folder with photos from an event and you had a Dropbox folder, making transferring between those services as simple as Balloon is now would be nice.
love the idea although it took me 3+ minutes to realize how it works.
@evanvar Thank you for the feedback Evan :) We are working on making it more intuitive.
Great concept although I'd feel more secure with a random URL given to me I could share instead of creating a name someone else could guess. I don't know how I feel giving the world write access to my Dropbox.
@notrab Thank you Jamie :) We will be rolling out password protection for write access pretty soon. We have made creating and deleting balloons as easy as possible. So once you feel you have received your files, you can simple delete the balloon from your dashboard and the link will be no longer active for upload. Hope that helps :)
@notrab I agree with Jamie. I tried creating a folder called test something and it told me the folder name was taken. So i picked another one, but since i knew this other folder existed already, i just typed it into the url and uploaded .rtf describing how it got there. This should be controlled more so you dont idiots like me uploading random files to ppl's dropboxes. :) Random hash names for the url would be a big help. Great idea though! Love it :)