Your favorite plays from the NBA

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This is awesome, great work! Reminds of me
Well done, @minu. πŸ‘πŸΌ How are you sourcing these videos and how do you ensure it's associated with the right player?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! The NBA has done a great job of tagging each video. I'm tokenizing the play description and associating it with a given player. The shot type is actually given by the NBA -- for the sourcing, it was just a bit of reverse engineering of the NBA's stats website πŸ˜‡
Fun! would be better if you could shuffle/randomize the videos more so you don't see a series of plays from the same game. Also if you could somehow eliminate free throws.
Nice work Minu! Do you see yourself expanding this to allow for more tagging for each type of play and video? For example, it would be interesting to choose 3PT jump shot, misses so you can see all the instances when a player took a 3pt shot that they missed to spot trends.
@nlukka This is a great point Neel -- this is a feature that I did have originally, but thought people might not want to see it. The NBA does have a "missed" tag that you could potentially pair with a play type. DM me on twitter @minupalaniappan, if you'd like to learn more about how I fetched these videos. I can step you through it!
Solid! Love it
Love it. Congrats from the team @RheoTV!