Delightful goal/habit tracking app.

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I'm ready for a killer app in this category but my guess is there will need to be some added functionality beyond tracking or to-do style apps. Something stickier like great content or actionable steps around a challenge or theme that's a brand itself (Whole Life Challenge is one I loved) would get me using this every day.
@mlymat Hi Molly! A little late to the party here... We're creating a habit building app for a specific vertical, reading. This way, we can really dig deep into the mechanics of what build better reading habits.. Just like you mentioned, we're thinking a little depth and content are what would make a difference here. I know it's a year late here - would you be able to elaborate a little more on your thoughts here? Would love to learn more!
Habit formation and productivity is a recurring theme on Product Hunt: - Habitclock - An alarm clock that leads success! cc @ozguralaz - HabitRPG - A free habit building app that treats your life like a game. - RescueTime - Analytics on your daily habits and productivity - Motivate - Pledges & social support to build healthy habits - Timeful - Intelligent Time Management (pre-launch) Tangent and a plug: I've been playing with the Timeful pre-release beta a little bit. At its core it's a calendar app that layers intelligent reminders for healthy habits (e.g. workout, call mom, drink water). I like the direction and chatted more about it on the last Product Hunt Radio episode.
Balance is the best goal/habit tracking app I've tried so far. It was really easy to set up habits because they had a bunch of examples to choose from. Something else I liked was the upsell. After adding 5 activities, you see a promotion for the paid app that lets you add more activities. If you exit out of the modal, you're asked to give feedback through a contact form that already had my email set up and the founder's email in the To: field.
unfortunate choice of name, clashing with:
curious from a behavioral economics perspective if you think any of these apps @rrhoover mentioned are awesome :) @bermster