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Not sure how I feel about this to be honest. Can someone with a different skin color join? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose? Can you refuse someone access to a dating service because of skin color? It's difficult....
@adamstark had a feeling this comment would come up. According to their press release, there was a study that found a bias against minority in traditional dating sites. This led to them founding this. Also, if you are of a different skin color there is no problem ofcourse, why would you even imagine they wouldn't let them join or that defeats the purpose?
@zabimaru_ichigo because if a bunch of people who happen to be white join, it's just a regular dating site. It defeats the purpose of being a site for people of color, because it became a regular dating site. Not hating on the founder, I'm sure it's all with the best of intentions, just think it's a tricky situation.
@adamstark gotcha, it would be a dating site yes, but one with less bias against minorities. I think it would be good if people who are white join as well. The goal I think is not necessarily to be an exclusive dating site for black, but rather a dating site with out bias towards minorities.
Ha I was waiting to hear of a company called bae
Saw this in the news the other day. Best of luck
This reminds me of a site called Black Planet. It was made in the late 90s. I can't wait for the next evolution in dating apps...VR
I'd rather it be "Where black people meet, chat and date."
@mirmayne what about the rest of us POC?
@j_nce Well "people of color" refers to black people that's why I said that. I'm not saying that site should be for black people; it's the way they word it.
@mirmayne Does it though? I guess I see black people on the launch page, but as a non-black person (but still colored), I've got hope that I'd be able to find other POC's on there too. Maybe you're right that it's implicitly targeted to blacks in particular - guess we won't know for sure until @brianjgerrard comments
@j_nce @brianjgerrard I always thought the phrase "people of colour" refers to blacks.
@j_nce @mirmayne Bae was made to enhance dating for people of color ( a term often self ascribed by Blacks, Africans, African-Americans, Afro-Latinos, non white hispanics etc). The app has no intention to exclude anyone, rather to enhance and create a safe space where people of color can find something meaningful online, just like other groups