BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition

Gorgeous one-button mobile game, now coming to consoles

We'll have Teemu Maki Patola from Frogmind answering questions about Badland today at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. Feel free to drop in your questions now and he'll answer as many as he can!
The trailer is so dramatic. I love it. 😀 This is a perfect cross-platform title that makes sense for both console, PC, and mobile interfaces (one tap, ftw). I'm curious which platform has done best and if many fans of the game end up buying it for multiple devices.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Very much how we feel. It's a bit sad that there is strong stigma on tablet/mobile going console/PC. Its more ok to do the opposite even if the game remains the same. Tablets are quite powerful platforms nowadays. If the game isn't based on pure polygonal graphics power, but e.g. stylised like BADLAND or Limbo, it can work really well on both. We designed BADLAND to be "console quality" from the start by making choices with the thinking of some day being able to bring it also onto consoles & PC. Did some changes, though, to make it work even better. E.g. On consoles & PC, it is not one tap gameplay anymore. You have full control of your character going left, right, up, down which makes it feel at home on these platforms. Which platform has done the best: we want to reach all people so we like them all. The initial platforms are likely to keep having the most users, though, if that is what you meant. Probably will remain as the biggest revenue drivers too. I wouldn't think that many e.g. tablet users will buy it also on consoles. I hope some will. But mostly trying to bring it to more & new people.
I have this on my old ipad2 and love it, can not imagine how good it will look on a console.
@schlomo Thanks! The hand painted art really looks rather stunning from a big TV in Full HD.
Hey Teemu, Few questions for you: 1) Seems like it would be relatively straight-forward to bring Badland to consoles. Any unforseen difficulties with this new version? 2) Apart from playing it on a larger screen, is there any reason why folks who already own the game should pick up the GOTY Edition? 3) Any plans to expand the universe of Badland? Thanks!
@russfrushtick 1) Well, it was made on an engine (Cocos2dx) that doesn't really translate onto consoles. So rebuilding that actually took some serious work. The hundreds of technical requirements for each platform take a lot of overhead as well. And changing the one tap controls to allowing you to fly to all directions required lots of changes to the levels. But not really unforeseen difficulties. Just plenty of work. 2) Yes: the local multiplayer modes are a total riot on consoles where everyone has his own controller & now that you have free control over your creatures. Plus it looks surprisingly awesome boosted for the large screen. And the overall gameplay is different due to the control changes. But my favourite is the multiplayer. 3) Short answer: Yes, there are!